Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pavarotti and Eating

Mom and I spent this morning at some Asian store, and I bought all sorts of sweets - combination of Japanese and Filipino products. Most Asian stores in my area are Chinese or Vietnamese owned but they do sell a number of Filipino products. Also, Asian stores carry the vegetables I need for my Filipino recipes - especially for my favorite Pinakbet.

Cooking was never my forte until I started living on my own. I love to cook Filipino food, and most of my recipes are passed down by family and friends or copied from generous Pinoy cooking websites. In the past, I was an advocate for eating out (a lot), but these days, cooking gives me a feeling of joy and contentment. Is this a sign of getting old? Or maybe I am learning more about myself and about the things I love to do.

Tonight, Mom and I are making Pinakbet. Afterwards, we'll have some tea and enjoy a couple of Choc Nuts. Perhaps, Pavarotti made a very good point when he said, "One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating." (Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story)


  1. I can imagine I'll be like you when my plans push through and I'll be living on my own!

    Mmm! Pinakbet!

  2. Hi Kayni, cooking is good, eating is even better!


    for the other aspect of me! :-)

  3. Hmmm.... Pavarotti didn't strike me as a guy who liked to eat. hehe

    Nice to see you back in the blogosphere.

    I also updated my domain, btw. I'm now at

  4. hey, i like choc nut. i can eat the whole pack in one sitting hehe. one good thing about being in the PI is that you can buy chocnut at P1 each.

    glad you're back blogging :-)

  5. "Cooking was never my forte until I started living on my own." - I so agree.

    I love Chocnut When a colleague came months ago I asked him to get me packs of this. I'm glad I found a indian-owned grocery store selling Chocnut. =)

  6. layrayski, when i started living on my own, i had to learn a lot of things. i miss having my sister do the she's the better cook.

    vitchie, i didn't know there's the "other" aspect of you.

    wil, Pavarotti can beautifully sing, but his powerful voice is honed by pasta and

    bill, choc nut is $1.79 per package here. do you think that's expensive? when i visit the Philippines, i'd better buy a box.

    witsandnuts, Filipinos really love their snacks. i too love choc nuts. i'm actually going to try hany this week. it looks similar to choc nut. don't know about the quality though.

  7. hi there. i learned to cook when i was uprooted from home. now that i'm married, i've been banished from the kitchen again: my husband is without question the better cook.

    p.s. you have a great site. i'll be coming back for more...

  8. Hi Anna, Thank you so much for visiting. Ah, I'm not a very good cook either, but I make do with following recipes =).

  9. yum, yum, i love chocnut! kainggit.. can't find that here.. once i found some growers peanut.. i was super happy :) other than that i haven't found anything more exotic from the philippines except patis and toyo with calamansi. oh well have to be contended with that-

  10. hi toni, there's one pinoy store that i go to here, so i'm happy. maybe i should move there and put up a pinoy

  11. So, you finally tried Hany? How was it? For me, Choc Nut is better. Last year, Choco Mani reportedly has taken over Choc nut's success. Sadly, I never tried one before going here. Let me know once you chance trying one there. =)


  12. bill, choc nut is $1.79 per package here. do you think that's expensive?

    Yeah. It's expensive (for me at least hehe). A package would be like P20/P25 here.