Friday, April 20, 2012

Mother's Day Special


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Thank you. Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tulip Season Is Beautiful Season

Okay, I'm not supposed to be blogging since I'm in the midst of wrapping up my spring semester (I have a presentation tomorrow and three semester papers to write), but I want to share these Tulip photos with all of you. I've been looking forward to their blooming, and I can't help but fall-in-love with their beauty each year.

I hope these beautiful flowers will bring some smile and color to your day - no matter where you are.

Pink Bleeding Heart (Oops, not a Tulip, but it's one of my favorite flowers.)

White Daffodils mixed with Pink Tulips.

Vibrant orange Tulips.

There were rows and rows of all types of Tulips.

Magnificent yellows.

Mixed red  and oranges.

Our weekend was spent visiting the Tulips of Pennsylvania.

I am behind my travel posts, but hopefully, I'll be able to catch up and share my photos with you when I hit summer vacation.

Why can't summer come sooner?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Save The Baguio Trees

I just have to take a break from my mini blogging hiatus because I am outraged with the leaders of Baguio City.  Elected officials should be serving the people and not bowing to the will of greedy corporations specifically SM Baguio.

A few years ago, a classmate and I were walking from UP Baguio to Session Road when my classmate pointed out that SM is coming to the city soon. I wasn't too thrilled about it. I love how Baguio was. After all, I enjoy my shopping escapades at Tiongsan or filling up my grocery supplies at Sunshine Supermarket back then. Being in Baguio, you don't need much, I'd be content with the mountain air cool enough to rejuvenate even the most restless of souls.

My instincts were right. With a gigantic mall like SM, the balance is broken. Look at what's going on now.

Source here.

SM doesn't care about the trees or the environment of Baguio, clearly all it cares about is making more money and expanding their greed nest. I am outraged at SM Baguio for earth-balling the trees just to expand their already gigantic mall. I don't fully comprehend their imbecilic plan to transplant already rooted trees instead of leaving it alone to thrive and do their purpose. Wouldn't it be more beneficial to leave those trees alone and let them do their job of absorbing the already polluted Baguio air? Think about it.

What do you do with a mall if the city that surrounds it is polluted? How much mall do you need to make more money from Baguio people that clearly you don't care about?

I think that trees are more important than malls. What is a mall if the land it stands on is barren, eroded and polluted?


 SM Bagiuo defies court order and continues earth-balling trees. Photo source here.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

Seeing the Cherry Blossoms is an annual tradition.

When I wasn't engaged yet, I used to stop by the Tidal Basin after work and spend the evening just walking underneath the beautiful blooms. It's a great thing that Kepi is also into the Cherry Blossoms, so when we finally got the time last weekend, we made the trek to DC with mom.

I think that I'll never cease being amazed at how beautiful these blooms are.  The word "beautiful" is not even close to describing these flowers, but perhaps heavenly is a more appropriate word. When you walk underneath the fully bloomed trees and the sky is covered with white and soft pink blooms, it's an out of this world experience.

Walk with me underneath the Cherry Blossoms.

I see balance and perfection on this tree.

A painting come to life.


Walking on pink ground.

Flowers from the Cherry tree's trunk.