Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Filipinizing The Yard

It doesn't really feel like summer here. Don't get me wrong. I love these mild temperatures and that I neither miss the temperatures that could go up to 100 degrees nor the thick embrace of humidity. This summer is perfect!

I haven't been blogging, as I've been spending more time with my parents. Mom and Dad flew home two weeks ago. I miss them already. I've gotten used to having them around and I'm so thankful they were with me every single day of my chemo days. Sometimes, I still feel that my transplant just happened yesterday.

Today, I am 213 days post transplant, and I am thankful each day I am here.

Well, I have a few things planted around the house. Most of them were planted by my Dad. It's funny how we Filipinized the house. It's even cooler when my American husband embraces all these gestures. These days, you can find Kepi eating Chicken Tinola with Bitter Melon leaves.

Bitter Melon - I never noticed how pretty the flowers are.

We planted the Japanese variety - Futo Spindle. I've been harvesting the young leaves and adding them to my Chicken Tinola and even Ginisang Mungo.

The Calamondin has sprouted back to life after being kept indoors for the duration of winter.

Yes, I also have Malunggay.

If I'm not doing anything and boredom hits me, Daisy and I would go on the yard and hunt for these four leaf Clovers. We've been lucky so far. This isn't really part of Filipinizing the house, but it's a tribute to my husband's Irish heritage.

Here's my four-leaf Clover sniffer.