Thursday, August 11, 2016

Painted Sky

I took this photo during our Panama Canal cruise.

The view was fantastic and serene.

The sea was calm and the sky was on fire. Beauty abounds.


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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekend Gardening

The mosquitoes have been devouring my legs and arms whenever I'm on the backyard working on the garden. But, I am overjoyed because my tomatoes, bitter gourd, snow peas, peppers, moringa, and molokhias are healthy and fruitful. The great thing about a bountiful harvest is that we get to share them with our neighbors.

Daisy looks so happy as she watches me fill the basket with tomatoes.

Fushimi Peppers and more tomatoes.

August ushered in quietly. There isn't much news on my side of the woods.

However in the weeks to come (not scheduled yet), I am excited to feature an author, Aidan Mc Nally, who wrote a book, Two Sons Too Many. Please do come by and read my interview and get to know the author himself and his new book.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend.

PS - I'm reading the new Harry Potter book at the moment.