Friday, April 29, 2011

Remembering Fall 2010

I found this draft unpublished and I think it's a waste if I can't share with you these photographs I took at the Seneca Creek Park during fall of 2010.

"I usually drive through this area on my way to and from work. I saw the bright yellows and oranges during one of my drives, so I decided to explore on one weekend. The experience was indescribable, as I walked below colorful trees while traversing on a yellow forest floor carpeted with fallen leaves."

 Looking up.

Red berries.

Interesting weeds.

 Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting
and autumn a mosaic of them all. (Horowitz)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Memories Of Princeton

My recent trip to Mercer County (New Jersey) became a tour of my former stomping grounds. We visited my favorite hang outs, drove through familiar streets, visited a park I frequented and walked through the college I attended, which I will feature at a later post.

I moved from Hawaii to Jersey because I was given a full scholarship to study Humanities at a college there. My scholarship required me to live with a host family in Princeton. I was welcomed and embraced by a couple in their 60s and two sons who were Princeton students at that time. I was so happy I had an instant second family in Princeton. To this day, I cherish the moments I've spent with this family, as they showered me with love and care during my stay with them. I think this is why Princeton will always have a special place in my heart. As an update about my host family, the husband passed away. I still communicate with Kit, the wife. The two boys have their own families now and are both medical doctors.

Although I did have a wonderful host family, there are times I missed my own family. In times like these, I take a walk and explore Princeton. So today, walk with me as I reminisce good memories of this beautiful place I used to call home.

I love the architecture and design of this shop located at Nassau St.
Nassau Hall, Princeton University.
Tower of Nassau Hall.
The university chapel.
Entry way to East Pyne.
The Cleveland Tower.
A view from one of the buildings.
I took this photo at the Tiger Park Memorial for Edgar Palmer. It didn't occur to me until I was looking at the photos on my computer that there are three famous names I recognize on there. Look for them.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LP: Kalye (Street)

Ito ang mga palatandaan ng kalye Broadway at West 36th sa New York City. Kuha ito ng namasyal ako noong Sabado Gloria.

Here are the street signs for Broadway and West 36th in New York City. I took this photo during my visit on Black Saturday.

Ito naman ang Kalye River sa Kenwood, MD. Ito ay isa lamang sa mga lansangan kung saan namulaklak ang mga rosas na Sakura. Mayroong higit sa isang libong puno ng Cherry Blossoms dito. Gusto kong sabihin na ito ay isa sa mga pinakamahusay na lugar upang masaksihan ang pamumulaklak ng mga Sakura.

This is River Road at Kenwood, MD. This is just one of the streets flocked with these beautiful pink blooms. There are over a thousand Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom at this time of year. Rows and rows of blooming trees line the streets of Kenwood. I'd say this is one of the best places to witness the blooming of Cherry Blossoms.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Princeton Postcard

I don't know, but I've always felt at home in Princeton (NJ). Driving there this recent weekend made me realize how much I miss the area, the people and the shops. There's more shops now than I can remember. After all these years, the place still feels warm and homey. Although our visit there was short, it was a warm, relaxing, perfect Easter Sunday.

The Tulips adorn the entry way to the Yankee Doodle Tap Room.

This is also my entry for Ruby Tuesday. Check out other entries here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Fairytale Walk

I've featured DC's Cherry Blossoms a lot, but I think it's time I turn the spotlight to Maryland. I heard there are several places where one can enjoy the Cherry Blossoms in Maryland and one of them is Bethesda. If DC offers the splendid glimmer of the Tidal Basin and the beauty of it's monuments, this offers the tranquil suburban feeling and a fairytale like setting.

Sometimes, words simply cannot capture the real meaning of emotions and that's what it felt like when I was walking underneath these Cherry Blossoms. The beauty I've experience there is ambrosial in every way.

Literally, it was like walking underneath a cloud of pink and white blossoms.
There were no noisy crowds to deal with - only the murmur of the stream,
the blooms swaying to the gentle breeze that day,
the streets paved with fallen flowers fit for a princess,
the sweet sigh of each flower,
the branches bowing to beauty,
flowers framing houses,
the private pathways littered with blossoms,
 the trees wanting to paint the soil pink,
the picture perfect roadways,
the perfect tree poses,
the waters turned pink,
and roads like this that make fairytales come true.

This was most definitely a walk to remember.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chasing Cherry Blossoms

This recent weekend, Kepi and I drove to Hershey Gardens (Pennsylvania). We were expecting to see the Tulips in full bloom, but we were met with the spring cheers of Cherry Blossoms, Dogwoods, Plum Blossoms and other flowers instead. Although the Tulips haven't bloomed yet, we enjoyed the company of these blooming trees. After the Cherry Blossoms spectacular bloom in DC and MD, we were in time for their full bloom at Hersheys. It was as if, we were chasing Cherry Blossoms. Next stop, New York and maybe New Jersey.

"Little Girl with a Butterfly Net" statue flocked with Cherry Blossoms and the fragrant Hyacinths.
Abundance of Dogwood and Magnolia flowers. I can't tell them apart from this photo.
One of the beauties that afternoon - a flowering Plum tree.
Pink blossoms from this Weeping Cherry Tree.
A blooming young Cherry Tree. The future is vibrant for this one.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garlic Smell - A Time Machine

I was walking to work when I smelled a hunger inducing waft of fried garlic. I was dazzled for a moment. I thought, "Is someone making garlic fried rice? Where?" I looked left and right for a non-existent Filipino restaurant in that area. Deep inside, I knew it's impossible to find a Filipino restaurant there since it's mostly corporate buildings dotted with a few coffee and sandwich shops that dominate the market for breakfast and lunch goers. I kid you not but that garlic smell was like a time machine. Suddenly, I was hurdled back to the memories of my younger days in the Philippines.

Being the youngest in the family, I seem to be the last one who wakes up (on most days). Believe me, it takes a lot of calling, prodding and even persuading before Id' get out of bed. Mom said I slept like a lard. In the mornings, I'd be rubbing my eyes while my senses wake up to the smell of my sister's cooking of kinirog nga inapoy (fried rice usually flavored with garlic) with eggs on the side. Mom and Dad maintained a backyard poultry so we had fresh eggs available every day. My parents would be enjoying their barako coffee already while I'd sluggishly sit on the dining table and sleepily request a glass of Milo; that catchy ad phrase "Milo for Olympic energy" is still stuck in my brain after all these years.

As I crossed the street to my office, the garlic smell dissipated and I was thrown back into reality. I realize that I miss so many things. I miss sleeping like a lard, waking up to my sister's cooking, the smell of our family house, warm pandesal in the mornings, rustling sound of the rice fields, studying with a candle light or the gas lamp, the sourness and sweetness of Indian Mango from my grandpa's backyard, the crackling of fire as it devours wood fire for cooking, the smell of soot, the coming of the monsoon, the trickle of rain on our tin roof, the dampness of June, songs of the cicadas during summer...

I miss home. I miss being a kid - having simpler worries.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello Monday!

It's Monday and I'm out sick again. I'll be off to see my hematologist in an hour...sigh.

For a Monday like this, the flowering trees here in Maryland never fails to catch my attention; they make me smile every time I see a blooming tree or flower. The photos (by my Samsung Gravity phone) below were taken at the Metro Station - Shady Grove. The Cherry Trees their are in full bloom.
This tree is visible at the Metro platform. I see people usually twist their neck just to look at this tree.
These Cherry Trees adorn the Kiss-and-Ride area. It's called Kiss-and-Ride because this is where passengers get dropped off or picked up, so goodbye and hello kisses are witnessed here a lot.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Day Like Today

Lafayette Park is green. Weather is at 70 degrees. Spring has sprung at the White House.

Today, I ate my lunch at Lafayette Park, sat on a sea of green grass and felt the warm spring sun on my back. My lunch tasted delicious with the perfect weather. Sometimes, all the worries and stress of the day or even the week disappear when it's a day like today. (These photos were taken by my Samsung Gravity phone.)

Workers, students and tourists at lunch time.
Tulips in full bloom.
I met this cute girl near the Tulip garden. Apparently, there's a dog and dog owners tour going on at Lafayette Park.
View of the White House from Lafayette Park.

Happy Friday and I wish everyone a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh My Beautiful Magnolias!

Although the blooming of the Cherry Blossoms take center stage during spring in the DC and MD area, the Magnolias too make their presence known through their fragrance and luscious pinkish petals. The Magnolia flower is one of my favorite spring flowers. I love their huge flowers and I can smell their fragrance even if I'm a few feet away. So during the weekend, I took these photos at Rockville, MD, while Kepi and I were out enjoying all the spring blooms in the area. Every spring, I take note of several great spots to do flower watch and return to these spots each year. King Farm Village is one of them.

These Magnolias welcome visitors to the community...
while waving at every driver or passenger that drives through 355.
Each flower deserves a solo...
but how can I get a solo picture of each if there are too many of them beauties.
So beautiful they make me smile.
I'm just so glad I can share them with you.