Monday, December 22, 2014

Waiting For Christmas

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more! (Dr. Seuss)

After I submitted my research papers this fall semester, Kepi and I got busy with decorating our home.  Here's our Christmas Tree.
This year, I decided to bake cookies and muffins as gifts for our neighbors.  These are the chocolate chip cookies.
Blueberry Muffins with crumbs.
After they've cooled down, I packed them in Christmas boxes with candy stripes liners.
Each neighbor got ten chocolate chip cookies and four muffins.
I love the candy stripes liners.
This is the set up of our dining table.
I think we're ready for our Christmas dinner.
Simple centerpiece - a red lamp and jars of red and silver ornaments.

Yes, I've been so excited for this year's Christmas.  I have so many reasons to be excited. First, I am getting nearer my one year re-birthday for my bone-marrow transplant.  Second, I have a beautiful home blessed with a loving husband and two pets who love me unconditionally - Dizzy and Daisy.  Third, I have the unending love and support of my family and friends. Fourth, I will be another year older next month.

Truly, Christmas doesn't come from a store, but lives in the heart of each and everyone.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday In Pictures

Quiet day in the office today, so I took a short walk and a long lunch.

Below are my pictures of the day.

Leafless at Lafayette Park.

Clouds hover over The White House.

This guy stopped me from my walk.  He was too friendly. Perhaps he was hungry.

When I returned to the office, these gingerbread boys were waiting.  I guess it's time to have some tea.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Thanksgiving Update

Today is the last day of fall semester. It's been a tough journey.  

After my class tonight, I really should start writing my final paper on Russian Revolution and start enjoying the Christmas season. Besides, I still have cards to write, gifts to wrap and shop orders to take care of.

 Snow ushered quietly the day before Thanksgiving. We had a quiet dinner at home, and Kepi cooked a perfect Turkey.

 After our Thanksgiving dinner at home, we visited Brigit's house to have more Turkey and Filipino treats. Here's Kepi attacking the Turkey again.

 Ridiculous! This is how the mall looked like on Thanksgiving evening. People were out shopping.

 Black Friday! Kepi and I love the bargains on Black Friday.  We did hit our favorite shops. The lines weren't that bad. I was able to get some sweaters and movies. I'll start watching these movies once this semester ends.

 I also bought a Santa to put near the fireplace. It was so funny because people were looking at me and Santa riding my shopping cart. I think it's also because Santa has this bell on his hat that kept ringing while we rolled inside the shop.

Christmas Trees! After Thanksgiving, houses came alive with lights and wreaths and even cars came bearing with Christmas trees.

 Kepi and I visited our local home and garden center and picked our tree. The lights are on, but I haven't had the time to hang the ornaments yet. Our tree is about 7 ft.

 The snow stayed a few days. Here's Kepi and Daisy going out for a walk.

Crazy Daisy loves the snow.

 I baked these sugar cookies for Thanksgiving and they're a keeper. Crunchy on the outside and chewy in the inside. That's the way I love 'em.

 I baked these Blueberry Streusel Muffins two days ago. Kepi loves 'em. I'm testing out recipes as I'm thinking of giving baked goodies as Christmas gifts especially to our neighbors.