Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Other Shoe Fell

The Cherry Blossoms are at peak bloom. After work on Friday, I took the Metro to the Tidal Basin and enjoyed a relaxing walk underneath the flowers. No matter how many times I've seen them, the Cherry Blossoms never cease to amaze me. They're so beautiful. I stayed at the park until sunset and picked a nice spot looking straight at the Jefferson Memorial. The Cherry Blossoms ruffled with the breeze, while the waves of the Potomac undulated and danced. I was mesmerized.
From such a poetic and contemplative state, my focus was snagged with the sight of this floating shoe amongst the fallen petals. I couldn't help but smile and felt bad for the person who lost it. While I was taking this photo (below), a lady came and took a photo as well. She later told me that it is her husband's. We both laughed. The floating shoe reminded me of a Seinfeld episode - The Soul Mate. If you're a Seinfeld fan, I think you'll remember this conversation between Kramer and Pam.

KRAMER: Human. It's...human to be moved by a fragrance.
PAM: That's so true.
KRAMER: Her bouquet cleaved his hardened...
NEWMAN: Shell.
KRAMER: And fondled his muscled heart. He embibed her glistening spell...just before the other shoe...fell.

I'll be posting more Cherry Blossom Festival photos soon. Happy weekend!


  1. This is so poetic, i love the photo, i hope i have time to take a lot of shots come holy week.

  2. The story of the shoe is funny! :) Aww, the cherry blossoms are beautiful. I understand they signifies spring, am I right?

    I'm not into flowers but the nostalgic feeling it gaves me makes me appreciate them.

  3. Sheng, You're so lucky you get a break for the Holy Week. Yes, please do take lots of photos.

    Lene, The Cherry Blossoms signify spring. From here, all the other flowers will start blooming too. Tulips are also in season.

  4. beautiful :) yes, i used to live near a street with cherry trees and there would be blossoms everywhere during this time of the year. a breathtaking sight!
    oh poor guy, i wonder how he lost his shoe?

  5. nice photo! funny yung shoe. so were the lady and her husband able to retrieve it? :)

    flowers are really nice to look at. each has a beauty of its own. :)

    happy sunday kayni!

  6. cherry blossoms are a-bloom here as well! i can spend hours just looking at them too. we were at the hospital again last week for kj's final check-up and cherry blossoms line along the road to the huge entrance doors.

    i'm a seinfeld fan, i'm giggling now! ^-^

  7. That shoe that fell is a sight. Heartwarming photos, Kayni. I'm sure there'll be more. Thanks in advance for sharing with us.

  8. toni, according to the wife, he moved to close to the water and was a bit occupied taking photos when his shoe got caught and fell.

    kg, the couple couldn't retrieve the shoe. i bet it's still there floating or should be taken out by the park care taker.

    miss firely, i hope kj's check up went well. i absolutely love cherry blossom trees too =).

    wits, you're very welcome. i'll post more this week.

  9. hi i changed my blog address, i hope you can update it in your blog too, take care

  10. hi kayni.

    when i first read your post's title, i thought it was about somebody dying. it's the opposite pala. it's about spring. about growth. about something lost and then found. and humor the seinfeld way.


  11. Nice story. Very Light it somehow made me smile :)

  12. cher, thank you. i've updated my link.

    angeli, i'm glad too that i wrote more on a happier note =).

    jeanny, i'm glad my post made you smile.

  13. I wonder what happened and that shoe fell. Cherry Blossoms are also called Sakura right?
    Have a happy weekend!

  14. oh, that's lovely kayni ;-) i went to see the sakura trees over here too. daming tao!!!

  15. hahaha. i like the story behind that shoe. it made me smile.

    beautiful photo and i'm looking forward for more photos to come.

  16. Rico, Yes, they're also called sakura. I guess he was too busy taking photos he forgot to hang on to his

    cpsanti, Is this you caryn? I wish to see the Cherry Blossoms in Japan - one day.

    Blue Rose, It's quite a story. I hope you're well.

  17. I love cherry blossoms too.I'll wait for your photos. :) I think they would have parades or activities during the festival. :) It would be an hour away from here tho'

  18. Cherry Blossoms sure are beautiful. And nice story re the shoes =)

  19. wow cherry blossoms! pics pics pics! hehe ;)

    have a blessed week kayni! :)

  20. eden, yes, there were parades and other shows, but i didn't attend them. i was more interested in hanging out with the

    josiet, thanks.

    princess dyanie, the pics are coming soon, when i finally get a break from work...sigh. have a blessed week as well.