Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Dollop Of Daisy

"Daisy Daisy... just goes with family so do a dollop do do a dollop of Daisy do a dollop do do a dollop Things taste better with a dollop of Daisy do a dollop do do a dollop of Daisy do a dollop do do a dollop of Daisy do a dollop do do a dollop of Daisy." (Daisy Sour Cream Commercial Jingle)

Lately, I've been finding myself singing this commercial jingle. I have no intent on advertising this product but it's like one of those round songs that keeps going on and on. It's crazy!

There are two reasons why this commercial keeps popping into mind: (1) my next project is to bake mini biscuits with sour cream and (2) we just adopted a dog named Daisy.

I won't delve into the sour cream biscuits this time, but I will introduce you to Daisy. She's a senior at 12 years of age, and she comes from West Virginia. We adopted her from Hedgesville Hounds, and she arrived on May 31st.

Kepi gives Daisy a welcome home hug. That's until he "thinks" he's allergic to dogs.

Daisy having time for herself.

Resting after playing ball.

Relaxing at the yard.

It's funny but at 82 pounds, she owns the kitchen floor.

Playing fetch and catch with Dad.

After her bath...of course, she rolled on the grass after all that cleaning.

An afternoon nap.
Daisy's been well-behaved and she knows her commands - sit, lie down, stay and more. The tough part is introducing her to our Dizzy, the cat.

Before we took Daisy home, we took a towel and rubbed it on her during our initial visit. The whole idea is to bring home the towel and introduce Dizzy to the new scent. At that time, it seems that Dizzy was curious about the new scent; we did that for almost a week to give Dizzy ample time to know or get curious to Daisy's scent.

We've also created a safe zone for Dizzy, unaccessible to Daisy, accessorized with a baby gate. So far, there's been only one incident when Daisy and Dizzy met in the living room, did a staring competition which ended with a playful chase. For now, it's just been Dizzy coming down in the mornings to check on this big furry creature who sleeps downstairs.

We're hoping that soon, they'll both find a common ground and in all positivity, become friends. As for the husband's allergies, that is yet to be determined. We're trying to determine what is he allergic to - pollens or dander. Spring here is late (really short) and allergy season came with a vengeance.

Daisy is a great dog, but with a great dog comes big responsibilities.

We're in the initial phase and we're figuring out how things will work out. As for any stories, we're hoping for the best because the best is yet to come.


  1. Daisy is lucky..she's got a loving family. :)

  2. oh what a blessing for this senior doggie to find a home. so glad you did it. she's also a cutie pie.

    am still on the planning stages of doing that writing meme.

    1. She's very cute and very smart. I look forward to your post.

  3. Pleased to meet you, Daisy! You are gorgeous!!!

    This is my greatest wish for Andre to get him a dog...and hopefully help develop his social skills.

    1. I'm sure Daisy would be smiling and wagging her tail when she sees you. Dogs are very sociable and loyal. I think Andre would do great with a dog.

  4. She is absolutely adorable. I am that Daisy she will give you lots of joy.

    1. I agree. She's been with us for four days and she's already given us so much joy and laughter.