Tuesday, January 27, 2009

31 Thank Yous And More

As I type this post (10:30 PM), I could hear a poor soul shoveling snow outside. I could hear the crunch of the shovel hitting the 3 to 4 inches of snow that dropped for the past 24 hours. After the shoveling, he has to apply ice melts, hoping that the freezing rain tomorrow won't refreeze them - again. My prediction last night was on point. It snowed the whole night, and I woke up to winter wonderland. I felt a mixture of delight and agony; delight because the kid in me loves the snow, but agony because the adult in me did not like walking on the slippery pavements. I turned on the TV right away and watched intently which firms, schools, government offices were closing. Alas, my firm wasn't one of them. I dragged myself to the shower and protestingly got dressed for work.

The walk from my apartment to the Metro took forever, but I made it anyway carefully trudging through the icy sidewalks. When I got to the Metro Station, I found out that there was an hour delay due to mechanical problems, a train got stuck somewhere and trains were sharing tracks. I didn't budge and accepted that I'll be late to work today. When my train finally arrived, it was packed. Just like any good passenger, I obediently took my space in the crowded train. I was pushed, squished, and pulled from all directions. I just closed my eyes and hoped that things will get better. The train ride should have been less than 40 minutes, but it became an hour and a half ordeal.

I sighed relief when I reached the office. I made myself a cup of coffee, grabbed two small muffins, and sat in my office ready to tackle the day. Suddenly, Ms. Admin peeked through my door and said, "You know, our Internet server is down and we're not exactly sure when we'll get it fixed due to the weather and all." At this point, I was ready to burst. I didn't know if I was angry or frustrated, but it was probably both. I dropped my head, realizing that I can't win by being mad, I shook my head and laughed. After all, it is my birthday.

For the whole day, I managed without my Internet. I can't believe how I've become Internet dependent. It's like an addiction. Work life took a different level as the facsimile became alive again. Some of my office workers weren't even sure how to use it. Most of them are so used to just scanning or sending documents as e-mail attachments. I can't blame them; it's faster that way. I found the experience rather amusing.

It was still snowing when I left the office. Of course, my train going home was late too. I've stopped complaining, and I'll be content to know that my birthday was made interesting by a series of eye-opening events. I am happy and thankful that today I turn 31.


Dear All,

My sincerest thank you. I am deeply touched and humbled by all the birthday greetings and wishes you have showered me. Thank you so much for remembering my birthday and celebrating it with me in spirit and thoughts.

My heart is overflowing.



  1. What a day you had (and on your birthday)! I can imagine the winter wonderland, btw. The snow in UAE last friday was not that thick. And all gone after at least 24 hours. It's good people got to experience the impossible.

  2. happy 'belated' birthday, Kayni! you deserve all life's goodnesses and more.:)

  3. whoo...what a day you had. you're right with us being dependent on the internet. imagine, in our office, when our server breaks down, our work is crippled! ha!

    belated happy birthday kayni! and you're right, that's 31 years to be thankful for! hugs and kisses from manila! :)

  4. good thing you had that early celebration with your family! warm hugs my dear.

  5. wits, I think it's amazing that UAE got snow. I wonder what the people there are thinking now.

    Fren, Thank you. I'm also hoping this year will be great.

    Kg, I know. I think I can't live without the Internet anymore...lol.

    Cheryle, Thank you.

    Dina, Hugs back. I hope you're well.

  6. Hi there Kayni, you sure had a funny day, i don't know how mine will cook up, it's still ten days from now though, good thing I won't be celebrating it here in the office, or i'll be nuts!

  7. what an unforgettable way to usher in your 31st year! happy (belated)birthday, kayni. many more, many more, many more!!!

  8. Sheng, I wish you a great day on your birthday, unlike mine =).

    Anna, Thank you.

  9. oh well they say, when it rains - it pours. this is a classic example.. good that you alreaday celebrated your birthday ahead of time ;) and with your loved ones too. so this isn't really the birthday anymore ;)

  10. I missed this. Belated Happy Birthday Kayni! All the best this year :)

  11. we can play in the snow if you like kayni! i love the snow. monday night, kj and i took a walk outside while the snow was falling gently. i made a snowman too, i just stopped when i couldn't find anything to use to make his face, because everything was covered with snow. my poor faceless snowman. :D

    happy 31st! i wish you good health and all that your heart desires!

  12. Ms. Firefly, Thank you. Yes, we can definitely play in the snow =).