Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yearning For Normalcy

On my way home last night, I stopped by the Filipino restaurant to eat a quick dinner. I was famished and thought I couldn't handle being hungry while driving home at the same time. Besides, I'm too lazy to cook at home. Since I moved to my house, I have a longer commute to work. It's a give and take situation. I live further now and my commute has increased, but I love having my own place and enjoying absolute privacy. For now, I am going through the adjustment phase.

My holidays were spent moving to the new place. I did manage to spend Christmas Day at my aunt's place and ate some good Filipino food. Although my cousins were all in merriment and presents were being unwrapped, all I wanted was to sleep at my aunt's lovely couch. I was at that point exhausted. Blame it on carrying boxes and driving back and forth a couple of days before Christmas Day.

Days before the New Year were spent unpacking and arranging furniture at my house. Of course, I had a few mishaps at the new place like the heat pump's blades freezing, the water heater spewing water all over the basement, and those gosh darn it, awful, leaky toilet and pipes. So, I had repair guys coming in and out of the house even on one snow stormy night. Oh yes, the joys of home ownership. I thought I'd die right there and then because of stress. Adding to the stressful situation is the uncooperative frigid weather the DC area is going through at the moment. Moving boxes in this type of snowy, cold weather is absolutely no fun. I kid you not; I heard this morning that we have 11 days to go of this arctic blast and snow is expected again tomorrow.

SERIOUSLY, I am in dire need of sun. And if you're asking what I did to welcome New Year's Eve, I did put on my red shirt and polka dot pjs for luck, but when 2010 ushered in, I was curled warmly on my bed sleeping - probably snoring. I even forgot to call my parents to greet them a Happy New Year. I did get the guilt trip call on January 2nd, and please note that I have admitted to my forgetfulness and I have apologized to my parents.

I am now back working, and I'm glad the moving phase is over. It is just a matter of adjusting now and to start looking at my monthly budget and get things in order at my home. As of now, I'm still trying to gauge how much my monthly expenses will be. I am rather feeling restless and that I am yearning for that feeling of  normalcy again. I hope that 2010 will bring that back to me. For goodness sake, I even have a hard time finding my TV remote these days.


  1. I can totally sympathize with you. We moved in our home August of last year and before that we "fixed up" the house for two months. So we were working in 8 hours and afterwards get a quick bite and work 3-4 hours painting, tiling, etc, etc, etc.

    So you can say I know all about the JOYS OF HOME OWNERSHIP :D

  2. Photo Cache, My to do list is I just need to handle the stress better.

  3. Hahah, we're done with that, good thing when we moved in, we're all clean with the fixtures, we just moved in, but it was a helluva tiring days too, unwrapping.

  4. awwww.... Asdjustment period.

    you can do it gurl :)

  5. Sheng, Quite a challenge really because I'm doing this all on my own.

    Aline, Thank you.

  6. aaahhh...the joys [amd horro] of living alone! :)

    wait until the adjustment period is might love the new home! ;)

    happy new year kayni!

  7. Sorry to hear about the mishaps, but glad to hear you were able to spend time with your aunt on Christmas eve.

    Nothing exhausts me like moving in on a new home. All those scattered boxes and arranging to do tires the hell out of me. The only fun part is when you're done with it and you start shopping for home supplies and decorating.

  8. kg, It's been an adventure - really. I'm hoping things will get better.

    Bittersweet, I know what you mean about the boxes. Gosh it drives me insane seeing my stuff all over. Believe me, I want to do the shopping

  9. go somewhere where there's sun, kayni. you'd feel a lot better. :)

    happy new year!

  10. I know how that feels. Arranging, sorting, packing then moving in unpacking, sorting and arranging all over again is indeed a tiring process. The worst part is how all those repairs suddenly prop up all at the same time. Gosh quel horror. But keep in mind it is your own place so that should bring a lil grin to your face. Just learn to time manage and don't do everything all at once. =) Happy 2010, Kayni.

  11. dear Kayni

    First of all Happy new year, wish you a peaceful, relaxed new year!
    Not being able to find the TV remote can be very disturbing to say LOL, on the serious notes yes I agree with u, I have moved with my parents from abroad 20 days back and still dont have a organised place for me :(

    I can empathise with u with repairs of new house, it would get sometime to settle in, this phase would go away , just hang in there.

    And about resting on teh couch will everyone are celebrating, believe me I have felt it quite a few times myself and I kno what must be going through the exhausted u.

    And I too earnestly waiting for the sun to warm myself.

  12. at least, you now have a place of your own. :) go go go! :)

  13. Angeli, I'm really planning to go to some tropical island

    Daphne, You're right. I just need to manage things. I have the tendency to finish everything all at once. Thank you. Happy 2010!

    Srivats, Thank you for the words of wisdom. I really appreciate and I wish you a lot of warmth and sun too.

    Dyanie, Oo nga. Thank you =).

  14. thanks for the update. i do feel what you are going through - been there...i wish you all the best.. having your own home has a lot of work but lots of joy to it..

    wishing you a calm, stress free weekend and all the best with the rest of your plans for the house.

  15. happy new year kayni! well, at the moment, i'm just taking the much needed rest. i will start job hunting after enrolling for my TESOL..

    i hope we could transfer to a new and bigger place next year. and i hope to buy melanine/ceramic kitchen wares that aren't too heavy or noisy, like MIL's kitchen stuff, to wash. haha!

    yes indeed, it's all part of the adjustment and about handling stress.....

    we can do it Kayni!

  16. .
    WOW, you dun'it girl. Kongrats!

    looking forward for photos...

    i'm thinking to move sometime this summer (here) also, downstairs, tehee..

    but before that, i gotta do a lot (hopefully not so much, really) of repairs too.

    haaa... the sweet experience of having your very own and private nook.

  17. Toni, I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend...sleep late and do more

    Jehan, Yes we can =). I hope you'll find a bigger place too. Keep me updated and enjoy your break.

    Artemis, Oh yes, having your own private nook is so worth it.

  18. We're on the same boat. I've just transferred to a new flat this week. Grabe, I feel so exhausted until now. And like you, my travel to workplace is now farther but I am pacified by the fact that I love my new place. Cheers to us!

  19. I can relate. Four years in Dubai and we packed and move four times. Our fifth move will happen last week of March. My consolation is i get to burn all these extra calories with all the packing and lifting of boxes!

    Have a fabulous 2010!

  20. Hope normalcy is slowly creeping back at you. Watching TV without a remote can be annoying =)

    Happy New Year Kayni!!!

  21. Wits, You moved too? Gosh, I know what you're going through. I'm sure we can get through this =).

    Kero, Wow, moving four times is a lot. You're right about burning calories though. Great way to work out.

    Josiet, I'm still chasing normalcy, but hopefully soon. Happy 2010!

  22. awww...I know what you mean but still, you now have your own place and that is so rewarding :)

    you so deserve it Kaynie...congrats

  23. Jeanny, You're right. At least the place is mine. It does give me a feeling of contentment amidst the stress =).

  24. New Year, new crib, eh? Congrats! Count thy blessings, not the achings! :)

  25. ahhh...adjustment period is very tiring. but i hope everything will go back to normal soon. take it easy, maaayos din lahat yan. and the good thing is, sarili mo na ang bahay mo. congrats kayni. *here, i am sending you some virtual hugs.*

  26. Oh I love your new theme! Spring-y! :)

    It's so nice to have a home of your own - fruit of your own labor.

    Here in Korea, the movers do the packing for you - and they do it fast!

  27. ohh, leaky pipes! I hate those too.. i still have one in my bathroom and husband doesn't know what to do about it.

    i would have volunteered to help you pack and unpack. For some weird reason, I love unpacking and finding a place for everything...for me, it's like opening presents. :)

    sorry about the stress, i hope adjustment will come soon and then you'll be able to enjoy your new home. Hang in there, sis! Hugs to you..

  28. just dropping by to say hello.. i love the new template.. will check where you got it from and will do the same.. new year, new look :)