Friday, October 16, 2009

Album: Shenandoah and Luray

It's a really cold evening here, and I am so glad to be at home on a Friday night and not working late. You might find it funny, but you might get a kick on how I look like while I'm typing this entry. I am wearing my thick blue socks, night robe, warm flannel pajamas, and drinking a big mug of tea. I feel really bulky but absolutely warm. I can't believe it feels more winter than autumn. Sigh, I guess I'll just suck it up and take it.

As promised, here are some photos I took during my trip to the Shenandoah National Park and the Luray Caverns. I also found out that it's time to replace my old camera as it was giving me a hard time during the trip. Also, there were so many shots I took that didn't come out clear; I am so disappointed. I was constantly readjusting the settings, which was awfully annoying. Hopefully, I'll be able to set aside some funds to buy a new camera specially with the Christmas sales coming soon. It's certainly that time of the year.
 These wild flowers were growing everywhere. They reminded me of Bird's of Paradise, but I don't think they are.
Fall is just beginning out here
I was surprised the mountains further were blue. I didn't do any photo enhancement on these photos, and I thought it was amazing.
I like how this lone tree stands in color on its own.
The Reflecting Pool, Luray Caverns.
I felt like a dwarf.
All shapes and sizes appear everywhere and anywhere.
A world on its own.
Surrounded by giants.
The stalacpipe organ that plays really soothing sounds echoing through the caverns. I heard a lot of weddings take place here.
Info on the stalacpipe organ.
The road coming home.

I didn't want to leave, but I'll certainly visit again.


  1. those really look like birds of paradise! amazing!

    even more amazing is how they put an organ inside those caverns...and that weddings happen there! who gets married there? archeologists/hikers? :P definitely not claustrophobes, i bet!

  2. Luray looks very inviting to me. =) I perfectly get you when you say you didn't want to leave.

  3. wow, that reflecting cave is really great! kind of reminds me of sumaging cave in sagada! :)

  4. Those caves look like a good hiding place for the Phantom of the Opera. I can imagine him playing "The music of the Night" on that organ and it echoing throughout the cavern. hehe

    Nice shots, btw! :)

    Hope you are well and keep warm, Kayni!

  5. beautiful pictures.. i love that shot with the colourful tree as well. i also feel as if it's winter already,it has been really cold especially in the evenings and early mornings. I have to scratch off some ice already on my car the other day!

  6. beautiful. that is a beautiful place! too bad your camera is giving you problems. what it must;ve looked like with a better, good working camera in your hands.

  7. Fortuitous Faery, I heard that there are a good number of couples who get married and propose there. The wild flower really intrigued me.

    Wits, The caverns were gorgeous and it was like walking into a different world.

    kg, The reflecting pool was amazing. I wish my camera cooperated much better...sigh.

    Daphne, I's a perfect home for the opera. Who knows if he goes there to play the organ at

    Toni, I can't believe we're expecting snowflakes already in October.

    Layrayski, I really need to start investing in a better camera. Well this one I have right now is about 4 yrs old, so I think it lived a good

  8. you still got some amazing shots! the stalactites photos reminds me of the underground river in Palawan...

    hope you will get your Christmas wish! hugs...

  9. wow! nice place. wait, did you just say weddings in the caverns? hehehe. hey, i liked the pictures that show how blue the mountains were compared to the nearby brownish environment. asteg!

  10. The place looks really good! I love your photos too.

  11. this is the first time I heard about that organ. I wonder how that sounds...

  12. unstranger, Thanks.

    Kero, Thank you. I really wish all my Christmas wishes will come true =).

    Papi, Thank you for the visit.

    BitterSweet =), the stalacpipe organ produces a harp like sound. it's really soothing.

  13. Wow, that cave is worth visiting. I have heard about Shenandoah and its glorious views. Thanks for the tour.

  14. love the new layout kayni :) so crisp and autumn-ish :)

  15. The caverns look like it was taken out of movies! Galing! And this is the first time I've heard of stalacpipe organ. May ganun pala?!

  16. hi :D i'm a new follower.... :)

    i was in Maryland May2009.

    I was so disappointed that when we went to see Shenandoah, it was raining and cloudy so we decided to leave the place and just move on to Luray which i absolutely loved! the eggs, the bride and groom and the reflecting pool was my favorite! :D