Saturday, December 19, 2009

Album: Atlantic City

As of now, we have gotten about more than two feet of snow. I just got in from scraping snow from my car, and I'm hoping we won't get anymore snow. I had a few plans today that were canceled and that I do hope things will be in my favor tomorrow. Moving in the midst of a snow storm is no fun and that I was hoping to get settled at my new house before Christmas, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. For now, I'm stuck at home and decided to blog and share some photos from my recent trip to Atlantic City.

Last week, my friend, F, and I made our trek to Atlantic City. It's been two years since I was in AC, so I was excited because this was another chance to experience the place and also see if the place has changed. We stayed at the Borgata and got great room rates. Borgata after all has been getting all the raves in AC. When we arrived, Borgata didn't disappoint and that I would totally stay there again. Below are some photos from the trip.

On the road AC.

Crossing the Baltimore tunnel...

Entering Caesar's Palace, and Caesar is wearing a Santa hat.

The tree at the Caesar's Palace.

Sandy Christmas decoration at the Caesar's Palace new shopping mall.

Shopping beneath the starry ceiling.

A display of really small jeans.

Water show at the Caesar's Palace mall.
Water show

Atlantic City beach
A stray cat at the boardwalk. There were a lot of stray cats there.

AC boardwalk - featuring Elvis at the Hard Rock Cafe.
The Market Cafe at the Tropicana casino.
Tropicana Christmas tree
Snowman at the Tropicana
Gifts =)
I think this is the AC Christmas tree located at the front of Trump Plaza.

There are a lot of changes in AC especially with the additions of the malls at the boardwalk. I think there's a push to make it look like Las Vegas, but I think it will take quite a while before AC can compete with Vegas. On its own, AC has the advantage of being near the beach and its boardwalk has a beauty on its own. Finding trinkets at the boardwalk shops is something I really enjoy. AC has its own beauty and that I'm glad I got this chance to see this place again.


  1. I like your shot of the Baltimore Tunnel. I think Atlantic City is beautiful.

    And I hope there'll be no too much snow at your end. Take care Kayni, have a wonderful Christmas! :)

  2. Are malls in AC not as jampacked as Manila's? Here, malls are literally congested.:)

  3. Lene, Thank you. I also like that shot and the cat =). I'm hoping the snow storm will be over soon.

    Fren, That's my observation too, the malls aren't crowded there. I think that everyone's feeling the pinch from the recession.

  4. Yes the baltimore tunnel is just wonderful. love have that enlarged and printed. Merry christmas Kayni. Lovely christmas photos. Will try to see if i can post some from Butuan :)

  5. i like it that you were able to have fun and relax, knowing how hard you've worked these past months. :)

  6. I would have guessed that AC's proximity to the beach alone would make more visitors choose it than Vegas which is in the desert.

  7. I,too, like your shot of the tunnel. And the mall displays are beautiful! =)

  8. I liked most the tunnel shot. I think it deserves to be framed and hanged to somewhere. =)

  9. i'd be glad to take all that snow there and dump it all here.. hehe

    the place looks great!

  10. i love these pictures -- they sort of "frame" your activities. here's hoping the economic downturn will soon be over and give us something to smile about in 2010. have a great christmas :)

  11. Beautiful, beautiful shot of the tunnel! Ingat lagi. Hope the weather is better.

  12. your Manong says thank you for the birthday greetings.

    you have great pictures as always. i especially love the one inside the tunnel :)

    have a wonderful Christmas, Kayni!