Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where Are You Christmas?

Remember the movie "Elf"? Where Santa's Sleigh couldn't fly anymore because people lack the Christmas spirit? I'm afraid I am contributing to the sleigh's inability to fly because I lack the Christmas spirit. Although there's chill in the air, snow on the ground, neon lights adorned houses glimmering in the dark, glossy and shiny decorations hanging on every store, I still feel that I am lacking something. I feel that Christmas is approaching too fast, too soon and that I am caught not ready.

This lack of Christmas excitement could be attributed to me celebrating the holidays away from my parents this year. Clearly, I've been missing the islands so much lately, and that I'll terribly miss my annoying, noisy cousins and most of all, grandma's cooking. Yesterday, I received a card from grandma. I was in tears because she never had to send me a Christmas card since I was always home during the holidays. This week, grandma sent me a family photo. I guess she's telling me that even if I can't come home this Christmas, the family's still with me.

After all, Christmas is about - family and friends. So, where are you Christmas? Probably buried deep in my heart.


  1. hi sis, I can understand how you feel, I'm feeling the same; and December is already halfway over.. BUT :)hugs to you and a Joyful Christmas to you as well in spite of your not being with your family this year. :) I'm spending my Christmas without my hubby too, because he's going down south to see his family, but at least I will have my other family members to spend Christmas with. :) Merry Christmas, sis!

  2. I too felt unprepared for the coming of this joyous season.

    I haven't really been excited about any of the Christmas seasons here.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas.

  3. for me, the christmas spirit is dampened by the recent passing of my grandfather.

    let us remember, though, that christmas will come no matter what, and we should be thankful for the blessings we have.

  4. Sis, Merry Christmas, and thank you for the hugs.

    Photo Cache, Merry Christmas. I'm hoping things will get better as the day approaches.

    fortuitous faery, You're right - Christmas will come no matter what. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather passing away.

  5. Christmas may be different this year, but never forget that christmas will always remind us that because of us, He came to the world to redeem us.

  6. oh kayni! i hope you get to have that christmas spirit soon! :)

    it's really hard to spend the holidays without your family, especially when you're used to being with them during the holiday season!

    wish you happiness kayni!

    [btw, just received the card you sent. thanks, thanks so much! mwah! sending you holiday cheers! ]

  7. Awwww.. Merry Christmas! Grandma knows best talaga! :) As long as you feel your family's love.. Merry na din dapat. :) Hopefully you feel better just as Christmas day approaches. :)

  8. I might feel that way too if I'm away from my family. If you can, I suggest going home for the holidays, kahit three days lang: 24, 25, and 26. Kahit magastos. I'm sure it'll be worth it, esp since you have so much going on.
    If you can't, TRY looking for the good things to be happy about. Be with friends. Enjoy life.
    Happy Holidays to you.

  9. Don't fret, Kayni. Simple things that make you smile is Christmas. People that make you miss them is Christmas. Staying alive is Christmas.

  10. *wipes tears*

    i know how you feel...
    i don't think i can imagine the time that i'll celebrate the holidays away from my family...

    a few weeks before my Christmas break, my siblings are already texting me "when are you coming home?" etc... i can't miss out on that :(

    but even if i feel there will come a time that i won't be with them one season, i'll make the most of the seasons i'm still with them :)

  11. Sheng, You're right. He is the reason for the season =).

    KG, Glad you got it =).

    Cza, I'm thinking I'll feel better as the day approaches. Thank you.

    Rico, Happy holidays =).

    Aline, Thank you.

    Eden, Well said. Thank you.

    Geli, Thanks. That's a wonderful way to put it.

  12. hey, still wish you a happy x-mas.. it'll be better you'll see... :)

  13. Giselle, Thank you. Yes, I'm hoping it will be better too =).

  14. Waaaah, you made me cry. This will be my first Christmas away from home.

  15. wits, that's right, you're spending Christmas away from home too. how are you taking it?

  16. Hi Kayni

    Reading this makes me feel sad because I might not spend my birthday with my husband and family next year. First time to be away kasi..

    Oh well, as long as there's an internet and good conenction, I think it will compensate things.

    Merry Christmas Kayni.

  17. i can feel you. It is my agony too. Been 3 years already that i were not able to spend the Christmas with my family. I have promised to myself to be home next year. :)

  18. except for the usual school/company christmas party, i've never known, experienced or celebrated. for almost 32 years no, it always has been another ordinary day to me.

    but that won't stop me from greeting you, doesn't it?

    May you have a happy and blessed Christmas, my friend. Hugs. :)

  19. Kayni, dear! I hope you can still enjoy Christmas, though you're away from your family. You know, I think, I also contribute to this non-Christmas spirit, though I try to be bring it to the kids in the family. :)