Monday, February 8, 2010

A Winter Album: Feb 2010

It's another snow day meaning I get a paid leave. Today, my office is closed, which gives me time to recuperate from all that shoveling I did yesterday. My body is so sore and I could barely get up this morning. I'm just worried about this Tuesday as we are expecting another snow storm. I took more photos yesterday, and I've compiled a few more photos just to show what it's like out here.

My car
Light or Icicles?
Snow covered rooftops and buried cars
Who would have thought there's a car in there?
Not going anywhere
There goes the neighborhood
The red house stands out 


  1. wow! that's a lot of snow .. and i mean a lot! do you have to shovel the snow fromthe front/corner sidewalk of your house? that would be a lot of work --that's what we do here, it's a law.. good thing we don't have such big properties and houses here --- well, i wish you a relaxing day and take care of your backpain

  2. i know it's a lot of hassle for the residents but for onlookers like me this is pretty exciting landscape.

  3. Thanks for sharing those photos. It makes me wanna roll in the snow and taste it in my mouth. Your photos make me miss winter so much.

  4. wow...your snow sculpture is shaped like a car! wait, that IS a car! lol

    people in our native philippines don't know much about the shoveling part...just the glamorous glow of snow! lol

  5. i read somewhere that washington is experiencing one of the worst storms the city has experienced. don't know if this is true. nevertheless, take care of yourself there kayni!

  6. I heard/read news about the heavy snow. But it's still so pretty! I would have a grand time there.
    Hope you're safe and warm. Enjoy your rest. Get a massage. More snw to shovel tomorrow. Good luck!

  7. haha, lotsa shoveling to do there, but yes, it's kinda cool for me, considering we aint got no snow here in Pinas.

  8. @ Toni, Yes, I had to shovel just the sidewalk at the front of my house. It's good my neighbor helped me. It wasn't easy.

    @ Photo Cache, I do agree it's pretty, but boy it is a lot of shoveling involved.

    @ BitterSweet, I miss spring right now.

    @ Fortuitous Faery, Sculpture is

  9. what will happen to those cars covered in snow? i guess it's really hard to manage the day with that huge amount of snow.