Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas At Gaylord National Hotel

After experiencing ICE, we visited the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center, and I was in awe seeing how they have decorated for Christmas. I mean, the place was glittering, snowing (artificial of course), and absolutely Christmassy.

They look like glitter curtains and they'd change color from time to time.

Inside the hotel, there are trees covered in lights.

Eye catching whenever they change colors.

A hanging Christmas tree.

Trees, gardens and shops inside the hotel.

A huge gift underneath the hanging Christmas tree.

The "Cat in the Hat"

Christmas decorations everywhere.


  1. oh what a feast to the senses. someday i would love to see christmas in some big cities too.

  2. When we were abroad, we would hotel hop during this season just to see their Christmas decors. I would do the same here except the traffic this time of the year is pretty horrendous and the streets turn into one huge parking lot. Arghhh!

  3. oh gosh! so beautiful! christmas na christmas! ganda!

  4. So so pretty! although i giggled at the name "Gaylord" :D Yes, very mature. haha

  5. @ Daphne, I agree. Some hotels have the fanciest Christmas decorations, and they're always fun to visit.

    @ Kate, I also laughed at the hotel's