Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Cruise Stop: Croatia

After a day at sea, it was exciting to see land especially that it is my first time to visit Croatia. Our stop in Croatia included a wine and dine tour at Konavle, a relaxing afternoon stroll at Cavtat and a historical tour of the "Pearl of the Adriatic," the Old City of Dubrovnik.

Below are my first few shots of Croatia:

I found this place charming and refreshing. Although I still associate Croatia to the 1991-95 war for independence from Yugoslavia, I didn't see any traces of war, rather I saw a country full of life and hope. Through the genuine smiles of its people and to the full appreciation of their culture, Croatia is absolutely and truly beautiful.


  1. Croatia looks lovely. Looking forward to more pics of the country.

  2. so beautiful! i have a croatian friend who sends me these breath-taking postcards from her country. we met for the first time in manhattan last year. i hope to visit croatia myself someday.

  3. @ Ping-i, Nice to see you :). Yes, I'll be posting more photos.

    @ Faery, It's a beautiful place. I was really impressed.

    @ Angeli, I hope you visit this place too.

  4. Lovely photos! I used to collect postcards and I have some from Croatia. But I have stopped already and channeled my resources to other things. Had I known pupunta ka dyan humingi sana ako ng postcard hehehe. Kidding :)

    Miss N of

  5. Looks like a really lovely place.

    Were you on a mountain or a plane when taking those photos?

  6. So beautiful. I've seen so many pictures online that I am really looking forward to seeing it for myself some day.

  7. i've always been so curious about Croatia.. thanks for bringing it closer to us, Kayni...

  8. Wow Croatia is so picturesque! Great shots!

    We never ventured into Eastern Europe when we were still living in Europe because it was still under Communist rule back then hehe :D