Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Fell-In-Love With Cavtat, Croatia

If Dubrovnik is a chocolate box, then Cavtat is a paintbox. (The Independent)

After lunch, our bus took us to Cavtat. According to our guide, Cavtat is derived from the Latin Civitas Vetus or old city. Once I saw the clear, blue water, I didn't want to leave or rather I refused to leave. I found Cavtat so alluring and charming. Cavtat, formerly known as the Ancient Roman City of Epidaurus, is living up to its reputation as a seaside resort.

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I think this quote from The Independent truly embodies what I feel and think of Cavtat (full article here):
Cavtat perches on the saddle of a wooded peninsula set between two bays, so you're never more than moments from the water. The sea is as still as a mirror, a deep and brilliant blue with pools of green reflected from the pine forests beyond. A wide promenade, fringed with palm trees, runs along the harbour front.

This is the cosmopolitan centre of the town, where fishing and tourist boats jostle with gleaming jet-set yachts the size of battleships. In the same way, simple bars where locals crowd to watch football matches stand alongside restaurants gleaming with silverware and white linen. Ordinary pharmacies and hardware shops are likewise interspersed with hastily improvised souvenir outlets selling cheap shot-glasses and ashtrays sporting the Croatian flag.

If Dubrovnik is a chocolate box, then Cavtat is a paintbox. Cobbled streets with traditional red-roofed brownstone houses climb back from the blue of the waterfront. The narrow stairways between the opposite sides of each street are smothered in clouds of white, mauve and pink blossoms. In the fruit and vegetable market, by the bus station, crates of green and red peppers, purple aubergines and green figs are piled high beside trestle-tables laden with a golden blaze of fruits: bananas, papayas, enormous melons and the gorgeous knobbly lemons that also drip from the surrounding trees like blobs of yellow candlewax.

But most of all, Cavtat is about light. In the daytime, the town shimmers. In the evening, clouds in the night sky are outlined in a glow of copper and silver, looking for all the world like strange new countries on a mysterious old map. It's no wonder that the place has attracted so many artists.

Why Croatia's Cavtat is a pearl in its own right, The Independent, 28 April 2007, http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/europe/why-croatias-cavtat-is-a-pearl-in-its-own-right-446461.html.


  1. that is my kind of a day trip town. i love cobblestone streets. they make the town or village so charming and the water is lovely.

  2. wow! that blue clear water is indeed charming.

  3. Well, who wouldn't fall in love with that? Nice place that is Kayni!

  4. i love the second photo. those boats against the blues of the sky and the ocean are just plain gorgeous.

  5. Love the photos, Kayni! I'd say it's a good place to retire. It looks to peaceful. Seems like life there is pretty laid back. I wouldn't mind living in that kind of place if that's what greets you everyday. Nice post! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. WOW! I can just imagine why you refuse to leave the place. Ang ganda!!!!!

  7. seen your other croatia pics. ang gandaaaa pala diyan! WOW! super vacation nga kayo! ang saya :)