Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Talk

Last week, I found out that my 1024 MB photo storage with Blogger has ran out. I guess I posted too many photos. I've been thinking of either opening another blog or continue with this one and just buy the extra storage from Blogger. I'm still looking for other options. I'll have to postpone thinking on how to resolve this since I have so many things in my mind with work and the holidays coming.

Fortunately, I am done with Christmas shopping, and the gifts are all wrapped and ready. Glad to say I managed to stay within budget. This year, Santa will be wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, a big grin and a shaka sign (pinky and thumb salute - the other way of saying aloha).  I'm excited about going home to Hawaii for the holidays, and I can't wait to see my brother who arrived in the US a couple of months ago. And if you need some weather related reasons, I need a break from this frigid weather. It's been so cold and windy here that my heater has been going on non-stop for two weeks now. I'm worried about my next electric bill...sigh.


  1. When I started blogging in 2006 I noted that there is a limited amount of storage available for free. So I grabbed the then good offer by Flickr to purchase one year membership and get another year free.

    I have been happy with them since. But I know there are a lot to choose from. I also have some photos stashed at webshots.

    So there is a name to that hand sign. Go enjoy your island Holidays.

  2. congrats on staying within budget for the gifts! :)

    as for me, someone taught me to load pics from my google account. if i max that out, i can always make another account, for free!

  3. sorry i am not a techie person so i don't know and i don't understand how to store pictures online.

    merry christmas kayni. enjoy your holiday at home with the family.

  4. shaka sign... :-)

    i always learn something new whenever i visit your site.

  5. your post made me check how much storage i have left. may kalahati pa daw. :)

    I know you'll have a fun time with your family in Hawaii, Kayni. I am excited for you! :)