Monday, December 20, 2010

Postcards: Boats Of Cavtat

Relaxed is the word.

As I gazed at the blue water, the distant floating yachts and the softly rocking, docked boats of all colors, shapes and sizes, I felt serenity and calm. Water has this effect on me and so did Cavtat.

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  1. water has that effect indeed, it not only relaxes the body, it also reenergizes the soul.

    are you in paradise yet?

  2. @ Photo Cache, My flight is in three days, so I'm trying to wrap things here at work. I can't wait to go.

  3. I love the water and if only I am not very busy, i could have brought my kids to a vacation by the beach. But i truly cannot, not yet!

  4. i'm glad the "relax" is now in your vocabulary kayni! you deserve it! :)