Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's Go Holoholo

Before holoholo: My Take on "Tuyo"

While reading everyone's comments on my post about "tuyo," I'd have to agree to some extent that there's some demeaning behavior towards the cooking of "tuyo" and indirectly towards the Filipino couple involved. We also have to take into account that they've been warned several times about breaking apartment rules, but I do know that the Filipino couple were just exercising their freedom to be who they really are - like any other Filipino who loves to eat dried fish. I'd like to believe that the Nuns just couldn't "tolerate" the smell due to numerous frying of the dried fish, but their reasoning that the smell of tuyo is "potentially dangerous to life and health" has no burden of proof. I think they just wanted a reason valid enough to take to court in order to stop this incessant frying of tuyo. Has there been any death cases in the Philippines, where I think people are often exposed to the smell of tuyo and as much eat it, directly related to the deadly tuyo smell? I think our population should be cut in half by now if that's the case. Also, the requested $75,000 for damages is totally ridiculous. We are talking about smell here and not destruction of property. My suggestion, the Filipino couple should put $75,000 worth of coins in a sack, jingle it for the Nuns to hear, and consider the damages paid and the case closed.

As a precaution, people who rent should be wary of housing rules and regulations specially if you live in a country that doesn't rejoice in the heavenly smell of fried tuyo. If you want to live in peace with your tuyo cravings, read the housing rules before you move in, and if there are no prohibitions to cooking smelly food, by all means move in and cook as much tuyo as you want.

Now let's go holoholo!


In Hawaiian, holoholo means "leisurely travel." So, with that thought, here are some of the photos I took while going holoholo in the island of O'ahu.

Wave break.

Wash out.

This beach is near my grandma's house, so we usually walk there after lunch or dinner. We like to think it's our private beach, as tourists rarely come here. It's a big contrast from the crowded beaches of Waikiki. I like this beach the way it is and I hope it remains that way.

My piggies being buried in the sand.

My red slippers, abandoned and waiting. I'm happy walking barefoot at the beach.

The red canoe.

This is exactly where I'd hang my hammock. I think it's the perfect place. It's in the Kualoa Park and perfectly between Mokolii Island (Chinaman's Hat) and the Ko'olau Mountains.

Another side of the Ko'olau Mountains.

Clear water.

View from the Pali Lookout.

That's the winding road we took to get all the way up to Nuuanu Pali. For a little history from the, "the Nuuanu Pali Lookout ("Cool Height Cliff") overlooking the 985 foot cliffs of the Ko'olau Mountain Range, is one of the best views on O'ahu. It was here in 1795 that King Kamehameha and his warriors defeated the O'ahu armies by sending them over these steep, forested cliffs and claiming his victory and uniting the Hawaiian Islands. The breathtaking sight and the gruesome history of the battle fought here is enough to cause a chill to run up your spine."


  1. Oh kayni, the picures were so nice. The place was so breathtaking, now I wish I could live near the beach...

  2. sheng, i also dream about the beach - every single day we have chilly temperatures.

  3. kayni...those are the pics I've been waiting for...the beaches of hawaii! :) super nice! sarap tuloy pumunta sa beach! :)

    have a great weekend kayni! :)

  4. kg, this is just the area where we live. i'll try to post more on the touristy beaches. have a wonderful weekend.

  5. wow! i would be homesick throughout the year if i lived in that kind of place. looks like paradise to me. :)

    as per your take on "tuyo," i remembered a short story entitle, My Father Goes to Court by Carlos Bulosan, where the protagonist jingled coins as payment to the rich family accusing them of "stealing" their food through smell. funny story. :)

  6. ah~ the beach....i would love to see a beach now....i haven't seen any beaches in korea that will satisfy my longing for peace and short korea is not the place to find beautiful beaches...kkkk.

  7. Beautiful photos! It's so nice that you get to enjoy the beach without the tourists. How lovely is that?:)

  8. you are lucky to have beautiful Hawaii accessible to you!

  9. mordsith, i am homesick all the time especially with the below freezing temps. here.

    cheryle, i'm sure korea has beautiful spots too, but i'd have to agree if you say that beaches from tropical countries have a different beauty.

    josiet, i like the touristy beaches in hawaii too, but nothing beats the feeling if you find yourself owning the beach and just having a wonderful, quiet time.

    artemis, i do feel lucky that i have a place to go home to in hawaii.

  10. love the beach! the coconuts remind of pilipinas...and lazing on a hammock? ohmymama, that sounds like a scene from my dreams. :)

    i tagged you by the way, hope you don't mind being IT. :)

  11. ms firely, right now, i really wish i was back in hawaii. it's freezing here. yes, i'll check on that tag, and i don't mind being IT.

  12. I was hugely struck by the first photo. It's a perfect wave shot, Kayni! Now I understand more why you miss being home so much. I'd always have a hard time to leave a serene place like that. I really wish I could visit Hawaii in the future. =)

    Btw, I like you suggested means to settle the damages that the nuns were asking from the Filipino couple.

  13. my goodness, a beach almost all for yourself ;) i would have love that.imagine going on walks there everyday, anytime.. i want to go to the beach now ...

  14. Toni, I'm with you. Let's go to the beach NOW =).