Saturday, January 17, 2009

O'ahu Postcards

Ko Olina Resort at Kapolei. Disney's planning to build a resort near this beach. I hope it will not change the beauty of the area.

Ala Wai Harbor.

Another view of Mokolii Island.

Statue of Duke Kahanamoku (Waikiki), the legendary surfer and swimmer of Hawaii.

Off to beautiful Kaneohe.

The famous Waikiki beach. It's too crowded for me.

Ala Moana Beach near Ala Moana Shopping Center, Hawaii's largest open-air shopping center located in Honolulu.

Rough waves of the famous North Shore.


  1. wow, thanks for the pictures Kayni ;) i would have love to spend my Christmas there too, or any day actually.. i hope as well that disney won't ruin the beauty of that beach

  2. Beautiful pictures, really postcard material! I hope it won't be too commercialized (and damaged) once Disney builds a resort there.

  3. Toni and Wits, Thank you. I'm really hoping Disney won't do something drastic and totally change how the area looks like. I would have preferred it the way it is.

  4. grabee! super nice talaga ang beaches sa hawaii! i've been hearing about waikiki beach before...and there are your pics! nice!!!! parang post cards talaga! :)

    have a great week kayni!

  5. hi kg, you better start planning your trip to hawaii =). it's really beautiful there. have a great week!

  6. you have a legendary surfer? wow!

    if they allow disney there, the government should put strict rules lest ruin the beauty of hawaii!

  7. mordsith, yes, he's legendary because he popularized surfing and he was an Olympic Champion swimmer. i am hoping the Hawaiian people will get a say when that Disney resort is built and that the natural beauty of the area should be preserved.