Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Turning Thirty-Two

Today, I turn thirty-two and I intend to:

  1. be at work for eight hours
  2. pick up a cake on my way home
  3. make dinner or eat at a restaurant
  4. watch cable or DVD - probably a comedy movie
  5. indulge with that cake I just bought with tea
  6. go to bed around 11:00ish PM
  7. next day, repeat process but substitute cake with chocolate for non-birthday days
My birthdays are no fuss days except that I am thankful for the wonderful 32 years of adventure and I am looking forward for more.


  1. our birthdays are only days apart. haha

    here's to another 32 years of adventure, kayni.

    cheers. :)

  2. have your birthday cake and eat it, too! you deserve it! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Kayni! :D more and more blessings for you this year. :)

  4. Happy happy 32nd birthday, Kayni =)

    Enjoy your no fuss day and take a bite of your cake for me ;)

  5. happy birthday my dear. i find that the older we get the simpler the celebrations.

    your list of to-dos today sound great.

    i don't do birthdays with fanfare either. just a dinner with the hubs and maybe a movie and i'm good.

    again, all the best wishes for this 32nd anniversary of your birth.

  6. Happy Birthday, Kayni! I wish you all the things you deserve. Stay happy and enjoy life! :) Hugs! :)

  7. Nice! Happy happy birthday Kayni! When's the housewarming party?

  8. Happy Birthday, Kayni!! You may be planning it simple on this day still we wish for you to be pampered with lotsa' presents!

    Take care and we all love you here. Hugsies!

  9. Hhmmm, I'm going to be Manang Bola (remember her?) today. On your next birthday, it will be a little different. ;)

    Happy, happy birthday, Kayni!

  10. happy birthday kayni, i hope you'll have a wonderful day!

    sending you loving thoughts!

  11. Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday to you :)

    May you find all that you are looking for and much more satisfying things, Lovely days, and peaceful mind today and everyday. God bless you :)

    Go out and have fun, a person like u deserve the best :)

  12. Happy, happy birthday Kayni! Enjoy your cake.

    PS I am turning 32 this year too! =)

  13. celebrate it alone? Happy 32nd Ms. Kayni. My birthday is coming few days from now and i intend to celebrate it with my closest friends. I wish for a quality time from special someone too. :) I wish it would be as memorable as i imagined it to be. My birthdays years back were plain and boring. I wish for your happiness. God bless. :)

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, :-) magkabatch pala tayo, nauna ka lang ng ilang paligo! hehe,

    I like your plan on how to spend your day.. and I'd like a slice of that cake too. :P hehe

    Again, More Blessings, More Love, and good health are my prayers for you this special day.. love you :)

  15. oh my gosh, i just realized na di pala tayo magkabatch, nauna ako ng 10 months.. lol.. :)sorry, ading.. biglang kinalimutan ang edad eh! :D

  16. Happy Birthday Kayni!

    oh so sorry.. tattak lang nalagip jay mail ko kenka.. kunak nu nai-send kon tuloy. i was actually already at the post office last week and i wasn't able to continue writing down your address on the envelope coz the word after "Vision" on the envelope of the Christmas card you sent me was scratched off... the mailman oftentimes just tosses the mails on the ground inside our gate instead of placing them on the mail boxes...

    could you email me your complete mailing address? thank you...

  17. HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!

    Hope you had a great day & that you have an awesome year ahead... All the best & Take care!

    Hugs, xx

  18. Happy Birthday Kayni. Thanks for sharing your life with us. God bless you.

  19. yo, happy birthday!

    mayat ti kasta, simple lang nga celebrasyon with the self...

    i think we're in the age that we no longer look forward for a big birthday party event.. for me, big party is like for kiddos.

  20. Hi Kayni - happy birthday to you, hope you were able to do all the things you wanted to do on this special day. All the best to all your plans - your new home, your health and your career!

  21. Here's sending you a warm belated birthday greetings Kayni! You've got a great list of achievements already. You're blessed! =)Many, many more years for you.

  22. belated happy birthday kayni! i wasn't able to greet you coz i was out of the country! :)

  23. I'm terribly late! :(
    Happy birthday Kayni! I hope you had a good one. Cheers!