Friday, January 14, 2011

Kayni's Birthday Blog Party!

Since it's the first month of the year and it happens to be my birthday month as well, I believe in starting 2011 the right way. I am giving away a few things that I have collected from my travels. They're nothing big or expensive but some things that I like and they bring smile to my face.

This giveaway is open to all!

Here's how to join:
  • Post an entry on your blog describing: (1) Your birthday wish or wishes this year; (2)Your birthday wish or wishes for Kayni. One entry per person only. If you decide to join and do a post on your blog, please leave me a comment and a link to your entry.
  • Three winners (1, 2 & 3) will be chosen via Random.Org.
  • Deadline: January 25, 2010, 12 AM (ET).
  • Winners will be announced and posted here on January 27, 2011.

First Prize: A Rabbit Omamori (good luck charm) since 2011 is Year of the Rabbit and a 2011 planner with Hawaiian design
Second Prize: A 2011 planner with Hawaiian design and a bookmark I got at the Haleakala National Park (Maui, HI)
 Third Prize:  A few postcards from my travels and a keychain from England

I hope you can join my birthday giveaway. Good luck!


    1. oooh, i'd love the planner. would you be able to send them to manila?

    2. I would love to win something. I think I'll find time to do a post on my wishes and yours too.

      Happy birth month. Do you still have the same zodiac sign?

    3. @ Photo Cache, Apparently, I'm now a Capricorn. I don't like it. I will remain an Aquarius. How about you?

    4. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

      A blessed weekend to you and your family.

    5. @ The Pope, Thank you very much and thank you for the visit :). A great weekend to you and your family as well.

    6. The planner from Hawaii is so kawaii! Naturally, I'm joining! I hope I'm one of the 3 winners! :)

      Happy Birthday in advance!

    7. happy birthday! (when is it exactly?) my zodiac changed from capricorn to sagittarius how about you?

    8. your prizes are sooooo cute kayni! will do my post soon.

    9. Oh i love planners and your giveaways are so cute. I will post my wishes soon. :)

      I'm now a Virgo pffft I don't want to be one, I'm perfectly fine with my balanced scales Libra. hehe

    10. Count me in Kayni. :) I'm drooling over the planner. Teehee! Not that I'm expecting to win though. It's just that this is one way of connecting personally somehow and I think it's making me closer to you as a friend.

    11. Happy Birthday! :D :D :D

      another awesome year ahead! :D

    12. Happy Birthday kabsat...
      iturturong ni Apo ket agka birthday month kayo da Soo Ae and Cheryl and my youngest sis, hehe...
      i wish you another adventurous year...

    13. the planner is cute. kahit postcards ok na ako. i'd like to join too :)

      Happy Birthday in advance

    14. hi ya kayni! first of all, good news: your partner apologizes for sending it late, but it was on the mail last week, so yey, it's coming! second, congratulations on the blog birthday month and happy, happy birthday! of course we are celebrating right! here is my entry:

      all the best!

    15. Advance Happy Birthday, Kayni! good health and a peaceful soul are our wishes for you.

      Like you wala pa din akong nareceive na gift from the Kris Kringle. But my partner says she enjoyed the gifts I sent her hahhaaaaaa.

    16. happy birthday:-)
      it is my first to be in your "home"...

      your giveaways are cute..hope i could own one( hope...)...the keychain really caught my interest:-)

      take care:-)

    17. very creative idea, if i get inspired before the deadline i'll write something, heheh..

    18. here is the link...i forgot to attach it to my previous message:-)

    19. here's my link to your birthday giveaway =)

    20. Happy Birthmonth - or should i say birthday ;O) Wishing you all the best-- especially health! Enjoy the month - January is sort of difficult to enjoy because of the cold winter but you could party inside with the heaters blasting! ;)

      Take care.

      Hugs and prayers

    21. wow! these are nice giveaways! I would love to join...will come back again soon.

    22. oh, i love that good luck charm and planner. sana manalo ako! sana manalo ako! hehehe

      here's my entry:


    23. @ Mayet, Thank you for the visit. I hope you can join my giveaway. I'll be visiting your home soon.

    24. When exactly is your birthday? Happy Birthday dear! :) Good health and more bdays to come! :) Hugs! :)

    25. Hello Kayni! I'm done. :) Advance happy birthday!

      Here are my wishes for you -

    26. My birthday wishes for you are here:

      Advance happy birthday, Kayni!

    27. happy birthday kayni!!!!
      i'm so sorry di ako nakasali...late na ako. but here's my wish for you:
      1. more lovely scenery for you to photograph
      2. more travels that will feed your soul
      3. more love from family and friends to complete you