Saturday, April 25, 2020

New Normal

At long last, the elusive Sun finally showed up. With this work at home situation, days feel blurry and on most days I don't even know what day it is.

It's deja vu that I'm titling this post "New Normal" because it's not the first time I've encountered these words. "You'll adjust to your new normal soon," Dr. D said on one of my appointments. This was in mid-2014. I was complaining about my hives, a skin graft-vs-host condition, and bone pain. I was then adjusting to my new life as a post bone-marrow transplant patient. I was on quarantine for at least two months at the hospital and an additional two months at home. It's eerie because these home quarantine and wearing a mask orders bring back a lot of scary and sad memories for me. I wonder how long our new normal will last. This is our sixth week of working at home, and we're starting to get used to our "new normal".

It was so windy on Monday and a lot of the flowers from our Kanzan cherry tree fell to the ground. I gathered some of them and placed them in a basin of water. Their blooms lasted for a few days.

I used to work on the dining table, but I've been having some shoulder pain because the dining table is too high. The new set up below is better, but it's not really meant as a work desk. I am 5 ft short so it's tough to find a proper working desk.  Daisy keeps me company while I work, while Dizzy pesters Kepi upstairs. I often hear Kepi telling Dizzy to get off the keyboard. I just laugh. Daisy is more relaxed. She nuzzles me when she wants to go out or a tummy rub.

Most of our meals are cooked at home except those occasions we order delivery from the local pizza shop. I've also started baking again. I haven't baked for a long time due to lack of time. Here's my version of Maui Banana Bread. I have been missing the islands. I've been thinking of flying to Hawaii when this COVID-19 thing is over. When? I'm not sure.

I've also been trying to propagate succulents. I am hoping the donkey's tail and my two new echeveria succulents will grow successfully.

For weeks now, our local grocery shop is struggling to restock the toilet paper, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer aisles. It boggles my mind how some people feel the need to hoard. I deem it selfish and it really makes me mad.

For our groceries, we've been ordering online then having them delivered at home or picking them up curb side. It's been a valuable service as we try to avoid crowded places.

We miss a lot of things, but it's a small sacrifice compared to what others are going through. For now, we have to do our part, stay at home and be good citizens.

Stay well and stay healthy.


  1. Ohhh I love banana cakes! Been craving for the ones I buy in Tagaytay. hehehe

    1. I love banana bread and muffins. We always have bananas so I bake them when I can.

  2. I love banana bread. The new normal unfortunately will be with us for a bit. We have restrictions but can go for walks within 2km of our house. We are lucky that we have trails and the ocean close by and within those parameters. At first people hoarded certain things at the grocery store but since that first week things have been fine for shopping. We went today and there weren't many people inside. Probably less than 30. In and out in no time, got what we needed and headed back home.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Take care and stay safe!

    1. We always have left over bananas, so I bake them when I have the time. It's a staple for us at home. I wish we had the ocean nearby. We have a small park close by that I walk to every morning for exercise.

      Unfortunately, you're right. I don't see this new normal going away for a while.

      Thank you for visiting. Stay well and healthy.

  3. Hello! Kanzan cherry blossoms have passed their peak in my part of the world, too. Your banana bread looks so delicious and I can almost smell the aroma right out of the oven. My daughter bakes breads, too. She makes pizza base using the bread dough which is a little thick, but I love it. I agree with you that our sacrifice is relatively small. I’ ll do my part of duty as we won’t regret doing it but we’ll regret without doing it sooner and thoroughly. Thank you for your visit. Take care and be well.


    1. Hi! Sometimes I wish the cherry blossoms would last longer. Oh I love home made pizza too.

      Thank you for visiting. Stay well. Take care.

  4. Hello!Beautiful blog!!Ilike Your photoes and what you Write!

    Hope you are doing well where you live!

    Here the goverment are very strickt(But in my opinion they could be strickter)But as you know it is a political and monney matter as well as the Covid..We are opening the kindergardens ans Schools from 1-4 grade..We stay at home only og to work..they say here in norway we will have the vacine in late autumm.but only first for Healthcare workers..Ok wish you a very happy day Beautiful flower :)))

    1. Thank you and I appreciate your visit.

      We are still on stay-at-home order until end of May. I do hope we'll get the vaccine soon.

      Take care and stay well.